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Complex cleaning

Seasonal one-time cleaning

  • Window and window frames cleaning – two-sided
  • Sanitary cleaning and disinfection
  • Wiping the dust of the furniture, lamps and other surfaces
  • Wet cleaning of the flooring
  • Machine washing of furniture
  • Machine washing of different types of flooring
  • Machine washing of matrices

In both type of cleaning services – home and offices in Sofia, the practice of the company is to conduct an initial inspection of the premises, or to receive the exact square of the rooms and any specifications for the flooring and all other particularities, in order to offer you the best price offer.


The price is given after a meeting with you and after the initial inspection, and are based on the following:

  • types and level of dinginess;
  • flooring types;
  • new construction or after repairs;
  • in case of high dinginess or after repairs the prices raises with 100%;
  • for an express order the price raises with 50%;
  • minimum order price is 70 levs;
  • in the event of additional work the price is renegotiated.