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Individual services

Window and window frame cleaning

Window and window frame cleaning – two-sided – with special tools and detergents.

Hard flooring machine cleaning

The procedure is performed by a single-disk machine, equipped with a brush and various pads depending on the flooring surface. The high-speed machine helps for the detergent to penetrate the pores of the surface and dissolve the gathered dinginess. After that the water vacuum cleaner sucks the detergent together with the dirt. The hard flooring is cleaned and ready for application of sealer.

Soft flooring washing – carpeting, carpets and upholstered furniture

  • Carpeting and carpets are washed with a high-speed single-disk machine, equipped with a special brush and low-foaming detergent. If there are stains, they are preprocessed  with a detergent, brushed and then machine washed. Followed by water vacuum cleaning. The flooring becomes slightly damp but in 4-5 hours it dries out completely.
  • Upholstered furniture washing – with the use of an extractor, which injects  detergent and water, followed by water vacuum cleaner extraction. If there are stains, the procedure is the same as for the carpeting washing.

Flooring impregnation

Flooring impregnation – suitable for natural flooring (marble, stone, mosaics) and are inclueded in the home and office cleaning services in Sofia.

After machine cleaning, polishing polymeric detergent is applied, friction resistant, protective and floor glazing. The detergent forms a film cover, which does not allow the dirt to penetrate the pores of the material and makes the daily maintenance easy and effective.